Fixing the gas price crisis no easy fix here or elsewhere

It seems like many people in Southeast Volusia have a quick fix to the gasoline crisis. One popular solution being circulated by my friends Ken Taylor and Walter Glenn and others here in New Smyrna Beach involves boycotting Exxon. According to their theory, this would force Exxon to drop their price and then everyone else would have to do likewise.
The problem with the gas prices is caused by a number of factors none of which can be addressed easily.

First, China and India have developed a hunger for oil which affects the whole world market.

Deltona man killed in three-wheel kit motorcycle accident

DELTONA -- A 25-year-old man was killed late Tuesday afternoon after he lost control of a three-wheel kit motorcycle in Deltona, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office reported.

The bike, which has an open-air vehicle cabin built onto the motorcycle chassis, flipped while turning onto Pilgrim Avenue from Normandy Boulevard and ended up in a residential driveway, Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said.

King mackerel still biting; scattered reports of blue marlin and sailfish

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A perfectly placed gaff puts the angler's dinner in the box.

Well spring is gone and summer-like temperatures and winds are interfering with many types of fishing. 

Offshore most boats were encountering dolphin – some several relatively large. Generally they were found outside the 28 Fathom curve on out to 240 feet in the clearer water.

We need to change our arrogant standing in the world

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Not too long ago, the United States was revered as a world leader for democracy and compassion. We were always among the first to provide aid to the downtrodden and helpless, especially throughout our own continent. We Americans were admired and respected for always reaching out wherever needed.

This is no longer the case. Americans are now looked upon as war mongers. Other countries feel that we are determined to force our opinions and actions on world affairs without their consultation or approval.

School Superintendent and board members should cut their own salaries

Our most recent InstaPoll asked: In light of the massive cuts in state aid for Volusia County Schools, should Superintendent Margaret Smith and the School Board members take pay cuts? Eighty-five percent of the 252 respondents voted yes.
While the poll is in no way scientific or accurate, I think this is a good idea.

It is only good leadership for the people at the top to suffer along with everyone else in the organization when things are tough.

Thanks to contributing staff

One of my favorite tasks of managing this Web site is the interaction with the contributing writers, none of whom are paid for their services, but all of whom are so very talented. They all share one common theme: Love of community. The most recent additions are awesome thinkers: Michael Visconti, Catherine Forester and Irving Davidoff. They complement Tia McDonald, Darlene Vann, Rosi Karnes, Congressman Tom Feeney, Styron James, Lonny Russell, Kelly Azzinaro and Capt. Budd Neviaser. And finally, there is Peter Mallory, my mentor in many ways.

Smyrna Yacht Club Honors Scholarship Recipients

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ScholershipSmyrna Yacht Club Ladies presented scholarships to four New Smyrna Beach High School graduating seniors at the Honors Night on May 22. The students were honored again at a luncheon at the Smyrna Yacht Club on Wednesday, May
28. Pictured at the luncheon are Anita Haycook, president SYC Ladies, along with

Hillary continues push with big win in Puerto Rico

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Hillary Clinton's impressive victory today in Puerto Rico reinforced the fact that she is a very popular candidate among the latino population. Keep in mind, the latino population represents a substantial group of voters nationally.

When you combine this with her impressive following of middle and lower income voters and women voters, she seems to be the more viable candidate.This is supported by the fact that she is leading in the popular vote.

SC breaks ground on new headquarters

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– International Speedway Corporation had a groundbreaking for its new headquarters last week. The new 200,000-square-foot building will be a cornerstone for “Daytona Live!”, a 71-acre, mixed-use entertainment destination across from Daytona International Speedway. The project will house more than 1,100 NASCAR and International Speedway Corporation personnel. The remainder of the Daytona Live! complex will feature a hotel, movie theater, retail shops and a selection of housing options.

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