Job market tough on teens

Noting recent headlines touting the fact that summer jobs were very scarce for teenagers it was tempting to go out and see if anyone had any idea of what the real problem is. The people writing the articles gave no clue. While in Dennys restaurant here in New Smyrna Beach the other day, I asked Catherine O’Brian about the job market for teenagers.
She said it is "tough and business is slow.” When asked about how to fix the problem she responded, “We need to get more money into the economy.

There are two good programs to help start a business

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If you are a business owner you know that there are many obstacles to overcome and if you are a new business owner you might even have more.

When a person has a vision to start a new business he needs a partner to help him make it a reality.

SCORE and the SBA are good ways to gather information to help you start your new business.

Stalled on $3.999 and dreading higher pump prices

When I look out my living room window over to the Marathon gas station on North Dixie Freeway, my eyes become glued to the gas prices, which for the past week have been stuck at $3.999 a gallon for regular unleaded. I cannot understand why they even bother with that third digit. Just get to four bucks. God knows it is not going to stop there, anyway. I feel sorry for all the hard-working middle class families in our community that bought those huge sport utility vehicles that now cost anywhere from $70 to $100 to gas up. I have a little car. Well, sort of. It's a gas hog.

State Rep. Hukill recognizes outstanding NSB High graduating senior

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- State Rep. Dorothy L. Hukill, R-Port Orange, whose district includes Southeast Volusia, presented the 2008 District 28 Student Leadership Award to Andrew Hart, a graduating senior at New Smyrna Beach High School at the school's senior awards ceremony.

Former South Daytona Mayor Joe Piggotte dies at 81

SOUTH DAYTONA -- Former South Daytona Mayor Joe Pigotte died Tuesday evening at the Hospice Care Center in Port Orange. He was 81.

The South Daytona "Coach" Joe Piggotte Community Center, 504 Big Tree Road, is named for the former coach at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach and then Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange.

Piggotte, a native of Alabama was a South Daytona councilman before becoming mayor, 1988 to 2005. He was the father of Circuit Judge Juliane Piggotte and Spruc CrekkHigh SchoolAsst. Principal Joey Piggotte.

Sheriff: Elderly husband charged in Deltona wife's murder earlier today -- accused says wife no longer had will to live with illness

DELTONA -- The Volusia County Sheriff's Office this afternoon arrested Robert Benjo of Deltona on a charge of second-degree murder in the shooting death of his 76-year-old wife.
The 82-yer-old husband was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach, where he was booked in at 5:10 p.m. and is being held without bond.

Observer newspaper closing not a surprise

I was not surprised the weekly Observer newspaper folded Monday. I was the final editor under the daily version of what was the New Smyrna Beach Observer and warned ownership that converting it into a weekly would be its death knell. That is why I am so pleased to have established NSB News under This is greater New Smyrna Beach's daily home-based newspaper. Period. So here we are, 11 months later and indeed The Observer is no more. I remember the day I put together that very first weekly edition. As soon as it hit the press, I was shown the door. Just like that.

When will the recession end?

Talking to people around around Southeast Volusia like Claudia Torres about the economic slowdown reveals most are sure things are slow, but they are uncertain as to what is really causing it.

Torres, an agent at State Farm, said: “The slowdown is horrible here. There is less money and business. An acquaintance is having a hard time affording gas for his SUV to drive to his job in Orlando”

When asked about what is causing the slowdown, she blamed it on the war and said the president is not handling the money well.

Joyce Hanson also at State Farm said, “we are having hard times.”

Socialized medicine a bad fix

Talking to Harold Haycook, owner of Haycook Moving and Storage, and his assistants, Mike West, 31, and Joe Braunig, 38, it was quickly established that they were all in favor of national health care, but what they did not realize are some of the serious pitfalls.

However, talking to local hospital employees at Bert Fish Medical Center, it was discovered that they are quite leery of national health care.

Hospital employees seemed to be mostly against national health care, although they did not want to be quoted.