Remembering Jim McKay: Thrill of victory and agony of defeat

As I watched the hype over Triple Crown theat Big Brown during the pre-race coverage Saturday of the Belmont Stakes, I could not stop thinking about Jim McKay, the iconic forefather of broadcast sports journalism as host of ABC's Wide World of Sports and anchor of the network's breaking-news coverage of the horrific terrorist attack during the 1972 Munich Games. He died earlier in the day at the age of 86.

McKay, who covered 12 Olympics in all, died of natural causes in a Maryland hospital, according to his family.

Marijuana growing operation found in Deltona

DELTONA -- Volusia County narcotics agents found 416 marijuana plants in three homes in Deltona during raids yesterday and earlier today, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. The plants have an approximate combined street value of more than $900,000. A man in one home was arrested, and an investigation is ongoing to find any other people who were involved in the grow operation, Sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught said.

Building our lives around the Bible

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The message from the pulpit was simple and to the point: "We're a people of the Book."
The messenger was The Rev. Don Bremer of the First United Methodist Church of New Smyrna Beach and his message Sunday was in reference to the book of faith -- the Holy Bible as part of Sunday's service, dedicating 120 new pew Holy Bibles.

Biblical teachings of Paul remain with us

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It had been years since I sat in church for a Sunday service. But hearing the words roll off the lips of The Rev. Don Bremer at the United Methodist Church of New Smyrna Beach about the apostle Paul struck a chord deep in my soul as my mind raced in re-tracing the steps of my life at 46.
Bremer was emphatic that the world had never had a teacher like Paul.

Observer folding not unexpected; print newspapers a dying breed

It was a sad day for many of us when The Observer closed its doors a week ago, but not unexpected with print newspapers all over the country slowly dying.
I for one have had some happy experiences with The Observer over the last few decades, but mostly when newspapers were in their heyday.

When political correctness overtook the papers in the area, it became very difficult for me to get much of my material published.

Sheriff: 3-year-old Deltona boy fires gun, grazes himself

DELTONA -- Sheriff's investigators filed a criminal complaint affidavit Wednesday with the State
Attorney's Office charging 29-year-old Tracy DeCarr, the mother of the 3-year-old injured in Tuesday's accidental shooting incident, with child neglect and leaving firearms within access of a minor.

"The toddler squeezed the trigger and the weapon discharged, causing a grazing wound to the chest," Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said of the 9:22 a.m. Tuesday incident. "Family members drove the boy to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City."

Father charged with giving false statement after toddler shoots himself

DELTONA -- Volusia County Sheriff's investigators filed a criminal complaint affidavit Thursday with the State Attorney's Office charging 24-year-old Brandon Cardona with child neglect, leaving firearms within access of a minor and other felonies, two days after his 3-year-old son accidentally shot himself with a gun that resulted in a light grazing of the boy's chest, a Sheriff's spokesman said.