Romney reaction: GOP State Committeeman Robert Fortner of DeLand pleased with acceptance speech Henry Frederick Fri, 08/31/2012 - 02:51

GOP State Committeeman Robert Fortner of DeLand / Headline SurferCourtesy photo exclusively for Headline Surfer / Robert Fortner of DeLand, a Republican state committeeman from DeLand, cheers during Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

TAMPA -- Robert Fortner, a GOP state committeeman from DeLand liked what he heard from Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in his acceptance speech at the convention.

"He gave us what we wanted to hear," the 68-year-old retired custom automotive car and boat manufacturer said on his way back to his hotel. "He had a job to do to accept the nomination and he delivered. He was very positive for the country's future."

Family member: Son of ex-wrestler Mike Graham killed himself in Tampa -- not Daytona

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Mike Graham2nd in a series: Mike Graham's life ended in suicide the same violent way as his father and son before him: With a gunshot blast to the head.

DAYTONA BEACH -- The facts are clear: 61-year-old retired pro wrestler Mike Graham of Tampa Bay, whose real name was Edward Michel Gosssett, shot himself to death by aiming a revolver at his own forehead and pulling the trigger on Oct. 18, while visiting here in Daytona for Biketoberfest with his wife.

His wrestling-promoter father, Eddie Graham, killed himself the same violent way back in 1985. And Mike Graham's 37-year-old son also died the same violent way nearly two years ago, but not at the same event, despite what Graham's wife, Diane Marie Hamilton, told Daytona cops as describd in a police report, Headline Surfer has learned.

Election campaign gets under way for real: Romney shined; now it's time to see how Obama fares


DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- Barack Obama has been running for re-election (or perhaps coronation) and the Republicans have been running against him ever since Obama was elected president in 2008. But this week the 2012 election campaign really and truly got started.

Romney’s acceptance speech delivered: 'Looked and sounded presidential'


NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Republicans worried that former Gov. Mitt Romney might not be up to the task of presenting himself favorably to the convention attendees and viewing audience on Thursday night went to bed believing that they’d heard the words of the next president of the United States.