Young biker living life to fullest tragically killed in New Smyrna Beach

Headline Surfer video by Henry Frederick / Remembering Chris Dell, born Dec. 24, 1986; died Nov. 11, 2011.
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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- 11/11/11 is the date that will always stay with the family and friends of Chris Dell of Edgewater, tragically killed early Friday in a motorcycle accident. He was just 25, but lived life to the fullest.

Dell was riding his Honda sport bike with a friend when he passed him, hit the curb and then the yield sign with his head in a freak accident in which he was killed instantly just after 2 in the morning, according to a New Smyrna Beach police report.

Here is a synopsis of what happened as written by Sgt. Valerie Joyce, the commanding officer at the scene: "The motorcycle was traveling west on Canal (Street) approaching the merge with SR 44 when it struck a curb after passing another motorcycle.  The operator was ejected and was pronounced deceased by paramedics. The NSBPD Traffic Homicide Unit responded to the scene and took over the investigation."

Headline Surfer followed up with the police and was told the tragic circumstances. "Yes, he was killed instantly," Cmdr. Bill Drossman said. "It's a tragic accident."

Dell wasn't wearing a helmet, but Drossman and other police officials said they weren't certain if it would have made a difference.

Chris Dell with his sister, Sheana DellHere is a photo of Chris Dell with his sister, Sheana Dell, which she posted on Facebook.

Family and friends have erected a makeshift memorial at the crash scene with a white helmet on top of a cross. The helmet was adorned with the writings of family and friends. Sharpie pens were left at the bottom of the cross, along with a couple of cigarettes and an empty can of beer.

Police said there was no evidence that Dell had been drinking while riding his bike. The items placed there, however, were symbols of a young man who chose to live life on his own terms; who liked to party with his friends.

Dell was an affectionate person as shown on his Facebook page and somewhat of a goofball with funny facial expressions.

Four days after his tragic fate, family and friends continued posting tributes to him. The postings are as they were originally written.

Here are a few of them:

"This is still so hard to swallow. I know you are looking down on all of us. Remembering all the good times. We'll never forget. RIP DELSKI," wrote Courtney Buzek early Tuesday.

Charlotte hope in memory of friend Chris DellCharlotte Hope posted a photo of a tattoo she received with Dell's last name on her left wrist. She also made it her Facebook page profile photo.

Hope wrote on Dell's Facebook page: "I always said I'd never get anyone's name on my body. I lied. But you are special. I whined but I didn't cry.. I may have injured Chris Black's hand from squeezing him too hard. You would be proud love you Dell."

Lauren LandrevilleLauren Marie Landreville wrote: "my first shot of jager ever was with you --i will never ever forget that burning and wanting to cry you smacked me on the forehead and said "just take it"--i can say one thing your best friends will not be the same without you I pray for them and your family every single over us kiddo xoxo."

Dan HenningDan Henning wrote: "dell! i miss you man! i miss talking about apollo creed with you n u letting me crank ur throttle at traders n pissing everyone off in there! i miss the punching bag we were wailing on at 2 am some nights! i miss seeing u reving ur bike when i said it sounded sexy! i just miss you dude! nsb will never be the same bro! i still cant believe this is true! love always bro!"

Courtney Semsrott"Every morning I wake up and look on here hoping everything has just been a horrible dream," Courtney Semsrott wrote. "I don't understand why theres so many bad people in the world and the great ones have to die. You are SO loved.. We miss you. ♥"

Lisa JunkinLisa Junkin summed up the feelings of many of Dell's friends with her posting the day after his death: "didn't get a chance to know you for long, but definitley long enough to know what an awesome fun guy you are. you will be missed by all of new smyrna. rip."

Just four days before his untimely death, Dell wrote on his Facebook page: "life is a gamble and I'm all about my poker chips." When queried further by his friends he clarified by saying he meant "strip poker."

Dell's postings are full of funny comments like: "I'm sexy and you know it" and "one day monkeys will be able to skype."

The day before his death, one of Dell's final Facebook postings read, "Nsb your personal broadway show its all song and dance full of drama."

His last posting at 7:45 p.m. Thursday via his cell phone was a photo he took of himself showing his new mustache. It read: "Mo10ber." Less than seven hours later he was dead.

For more on Christopher Michael Dell, here is a link to his Facebook page: