Vladimir Putin is acting like Adolf Hitler with his Russian invasion of Ukraine

By DARLENE VANN / Headline Surfer
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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- I have a long-time friend who was a heart surgeon in Russia when I met her on the computer.

I was helping her and her friends and nurses with their English. She came over here years ago and married a man from Belarus.

I sent her an email asking how her Mom and brother were and if her husband had any family in Belarus or Ukraine. My friend’s mom was also a heart surgeon and would not move from her home. She is 93 and legally blind now. Her mother said maybe she should start saving canned goods. I think she should.

I learned the mother had been in a Gestapo prison and survived it years ago. A 15-year-old friend of mine was here after this and I was telling him how this lady had been in a Gestapo prison. He has no idea what the Gestapo was, never heard about Adolf Hitler, never heard about the Nazis. I was astounded. What the heck are they teaching the children of today?

They say if you don’t know about the past you are destined to repeat it and here we are with Putin trying to be Hitler. He is just starting with Ukraine. He is just crazy enough to bomb nuclear facilities or very near them. If he is not stopped we are going to find ourselves in for a Third World War or going up in a puff of smoke from nuclear bombs everyone will retaliate with.

This young man’s lack of knowledge of the past war broke my heart and lessened my hope for this world to survive. How did we older folks let this happen?

Darlene Vann / Headline Surfer
Multimedia: YouTube video embedding / • Feb 28, 2022 • Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations addressed an emergency session of the General Assembly a few weeks back to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine and comparing Putin to Hitler.


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