Response overwhelmingly positive to our ongoing top 100 coundown: '2021: Year That Was!'

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LAKE MARY, Fla. -- Well, it looks like the Headline Surfer countdown of the Top 100 stories of 2021 will stretch into the first week of February and that appears to be just fine with our online users who just can't get enough of the individual segments rolled out to this point.

Sera and I feel confident we can wrap up this labor of love by Feb. 7, if not sooner.

As of last night, there were 52 completed segments, leaving us with 48 more segments on the way to the unveiling of the No. 1 story of 2021: The Year That Was.

While we were hoping to complete it by the end of January, we have had a lot on our plates.

Admittedly, we have taken our sweet time in rolling out the individual segments, which are not your typical countdown rehash. Many include fresh multimedia components including pics, videos, and graphics illustrations. And there is a lot of updated reporting so there's that forward-moving feeling to the news.

We can tell you in all honesty, we have not received a single complaint.

On the contrary, the response from those accessing Headline Surfer since we started the countdown back on xxx on has been overwhelmingly positive.