Two community bloggers opt out from in protest to New Smyrna Beach mayor's new blog and provide Volusia County with 24 / 7 Internet newspaper coverage for a 21st-century world. 
File photos / Palmer Wilson (shown far left) and Marilee Walters have informed they will no longer submit blog entries in protest to the premiere of Mayor Adam Barringer's new blog.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Two community bloggers with have demanded their blogs be taken down in protest to Mayor Adam Barringer's inclusion as a blogger.

The offended bloggers are Palmer Wilson and Marilee Walters, both of New Smyrna Beach. Barringer's blog, "Mayor's Message," had its initial posting Wednesday on after he was asked to consider writing one with the intention of giving the public his perspective on government and his role in it, unfiltered and in his own words. It was made clear to Barringer as is the case with all community bloggers the opinions they express are their own and have no bearing on's reporting of the news.

Wilson, whose blog is called "Unfinished business," sent the following request through e-mail 9:07 a.m. Wednesday: "Given the new relationship between Henry Frederick and Mayor Barringer, unknown to me until this morning, I find it inappropriate for me to continue writing a blog on this website. I have therefore asked to have my blogs removed immediately."

Walters, whose blog is called "Heart of the Matter," sent her request via e-mail 7:21 p.m. Wednesday: "After talking with Palmer this morning. I am asking you to remove me as a blogger. We had a good relationship, and I thought a friendship. However, I can not, in full conscious, continue with you adding Adam as a blogger. He is what I fought against! You have to take your values, and I am taking mine, and I am drawing a draw a line in the sand. We are no longer on the same page. Good - Luck to you. God Bless You! I want out."

Wilson, a retired cop who rose to the rank of lieutenant with the police force in Montgomery County, Md., ran for city commission in a three-way primary in 2009, finishing second to Commissioner Jack Grasty.

Because Grasty received more than 50 percent of the vote total, he was automatically returned to office for a second term. Walters made a bid for mayor in 2009, finishing third in the primary. In the general election, Barringer narrowly defeated first-term incumbent Sally Mackay., through NSB News LLC, is the sole owner of all blogs posted here, including "Unfinished Business" and "Heart of the Matter" under copyright law. They can not be reproduced or posted elsewhere without the expressed written permission of NSB News LLC.

The respective blogs by Wilson and Walters will not be taken down as they are part of's archives and available for review by clicking on the "search this site" button on the home page. Then type in either the name of the blogger or blog. Every blog installment posted on can also be accessed in the archives by clicking the search button and typing in "community bloggers." has 25 community bloggers.