Gov. Scott applauds legislation on prescription drug abuse and pill mills and provide Volusia County with 24 / 7 Internet newspaper coverage for a 21st-century world. 

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Scott released a statement Tuesday on pending legislation dealing with pharmaceutical drugs.

"I applaud Speaker Cannon, Representative Schenck and the Judiciary and Health and Human Services Committees for putting forward legislation that combats prescription drug abuse and criminal pill mills. I am also grateful to the House Appropriations Committee for unanimously passing this bill.

"By targeting criminals and the highest levels of the illegal prescription drug distribution chain, protecting law abiding citizens and aiding law enforcement in the battle against this scourge, the House has brought forth a comprehensive strategy that is a real solution and will provide real results to Floridians.

"I am thankful for Attorney General Bondi's continued efforts to combat the prescription drug problem and for joining me in the creation of a drug strike force. I will continue to work with the Attorney General and the House and Senate to ensure legislation that embodies these elements becomes law."