Drama a big part of high school learning experience and a lot of fun

Earlier this month, New Smyrna Beach High School put on its annual Student Directed One Act Plays. I had the opportunity to participate in playing a fairly large role with a monologue. This year three seniors who took drama all four years were able to direct three very different plays.

The play I was featured in, “After Math,” was directed by Holly Musanto and was about a boy who gets taken out of class and all of the theories that get made up about what the students think happened to him. Through this the students discover how little they really knew about the boy.
The second play directed by Cameron Miller, “Thief," had a cast of only two people. It was about a boy who steals something for his girlfriend and their conversation about whether or not it was okay.
The final show directed by Harley Minor, “Friendly Competition," was about two men at a production company who offered to sell their souls in exchange for a better script than the original they were given, “Bible Two: The Reckoning."
All the plays turned out spectacular with amazingly talented students. That Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we had a full house; so full that we had to turn people away. These plays were the final theatre production for the year so it was very bittersweet finishing them.
We had six seniors in drama who only have a few weeks left until they graduate. There have been many hugs and good-byes that have already taken place and these seniors will be greatly missed. Many promise to come back and visit but it’s very hard saying good-bye to the seniors that we have all grown close to.
This goes out to them wishing them the best of luck with whatever they pursue. All of them agree that through high school, it was drama that got them through.
For so long I’ve been looking for something that I’m good at; that is my passion; then I found drama, which has been such an amazing experience for me.
I plan on auditioning for everything that comes my way next year and cheering everybody else on as well. That’s another thing; drama, although it’s competitive to get roles, is not about who the better actor is or does the best at something. Drama is truly a family that grows closer and closer together with each show.
I am honored and privileged to be a part of this family and I know I will be for a very long time.
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