Report card time: Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet true haven

Grade: A

Ponce Inlet’s Marine Science Center is nearing a decade of assistance to stranded turtles, injured seabirds and marine mammals. A new study of the exotic invader the Lion fish will shed light on where this predator came from and what we can do to rein it in before it decimates our coastal waters.

Media coverage of birth certificate issue

Grade: F

Last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio (he of the pink boxers and tents for prisoners) of Maricopa County in Arizona announced at an hour-long press conference that there existed probable cause that the birth certificate issued by Obama’s White House was a forgery and a fraud. See any headline stories in the news? Of course not. If Bush had been the subject, coverage would be never ending.

Congresswoman Sandy Adams on Middle East nukes

Grade: A-

“The threat of a nuclear armed Iran is not only a threat to Israel; it is also a direct threat to the United States and to the entire world community," said Congresswoman Sandy Adams, R-Oviedo. "Just this week, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency said there were unspecified activities at an Iranian military site which inspectors wanted to visit.” She gets it!

Gloria Allred wants Limbaugh prosecuted

Grade F-

This publicity-seeking lawyer must live on another planet. Rush Limbaugh chose deplorable words to describe a woman we now know is a professional activist, 30 years old and was planted before Congress by liberal Dems. Where was she when Bill Maher and others of his ilk were using a far more pejorative word to describe Sarah Palin? Barely a ripple in the news.

Legislative Session brings satisfaction to Gov. Scott

Grade: B+

Finally, Florida has rewritten the laws on personal injury protection and Gov. Rick Scott has learned to work closely with the Republican-dominated Florida House and Senate. Education was the big winner with $1 billion in new funding. Nice job, Governor.