State Rep. Dorothy Hukill recaps 2012 legislative session: Balanced budget passed

State Rep. Dorothy HukillPhoto for / Headline Surfer
State Rep. Dorothy Hukill address her colleages in the Statehouse in Tallahassee prior to the end of the legislative session.

PORT ORANGE -- Dear Friends: As you probably know, the 2012 Legislative Session ended last month. Now that I’m back in Volusia County, I wanted to pass along a report of the main issues that were discussed and acted on in Tallahassee this year. Most importantly, I’m proud to report that we once again fulfilled our constitutional duty of passing a balanced budget.

Another large revenue shortfall and uncertain economic conditions made it difficult to balance the state budget this year. And Floridians know that raising taxes to provide new revenue for the government could seriously endanger our economic recovery. Therefore, we made the tough choices that had to be made and ensured that state government will continue to live within its means, with no new taxes.

Additionally, as chair of the House Economic Affairs Committee, I helped pass key legislation to stimulate job creation and encourage economic development. Our approach will remove barriers for job creators and make it easier for businesses to add better jobs for workers in our state in a way that makes fiscal sense. We also instituted several measures to provide greater tax relief to all Floridians.

We also succeeded in reducing the size and scope of government in Florida. Our efforts resulted in the repeal of many unnecessary laws that served no purpose except to unfairly restrict individual freedom and make it harder for new jobs to be created.

Finally, we also completed the once-a-decade redistricting process in response to the 2010 U.S. Census. The Legislature draws new political district maps according to the rules laid out in the Florida Constitution. These maps are still under review by the Florida Supreme Court, but the Legislature’s role in this process is now complete.

All in all, I believe that the steps we took this year will help to get the economy back on track and lay the groundwork for future prosperity. I hope you agree.

All in all, I believe that the steps we took this year will help to get the economy back on track and lay the groundwork for future prosperity. I hope you agree.

Before I close, I want to thank you for your support. As I am now term-limited, this is my last legislative session as a member of the Florida House, and my last year serving as your state representative. I’ve been so honored to be your advocate in our state’s capitol these previous eight years.

We’ve accomplished so much together in this short time, and I couldn’t have gone this far without each and every one of you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I hope you’ll continue to give me the honor of serving as your voice in Tallahassee, as I’ll be running for a seat in the Florida Senate this year representing most of Volusia County. I hope to see you in and around our community soon!

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