Headline Surfer poll: 50-50 split on 2nd-degree murder charge for George Zimmerman in gunshot slaying of Trayvon Martin

SANFORD -- Respondents to an InstaPoll on Headline Surfer are in a virtual deadlock as to whether the charge of second-degree murder for Trayvon Martin is appropriate. The poll was created 8:59 p.m. Wednesday, April 11, asking: Do you agree with the 2nd degree murder charge against George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin's death?

To the first choice: Yes, he committed a crime and must be held accountable, 401 or 50% chose that choice.

In the second choice, No, he was standing his ground and his actions were lawful, 399 or 50% chose that choice.

The Headline Surfer Install Poll was created 8:59 p.m., Wednesday, April 11. It will be closed once the 1,000th vote has been cast.

Those participating in our InstaPoll are only allowed to vote once. Headline Surfer will publish a follow-up story once the poll has ended with the 1,000th vote cast. You can access the InstaPoll by going to HeadlineSurfer.com, NSBNews.net or VolusiaNews.net

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Wendel Bradford