10. Undertaker's streak intact with Hell in a Cell beatdown of Triple H at Wrestlemania


This video clip showcases the Undertaker's epic Wrestlemania 28 beat down of Triple H, marking the second year in a row and third overall the 'cerebral assassin' fell prey to, ensuring the 'Deadman Walking' extends his unbeaten streak to 20 years in WWE's signature pay-per-view extravaganza.

The Undertaker / Headline SurferDAYTONA BEACH -- The Undertaker's epic win over Triple H at Wrestlemania to keep his winning streak intact for two full decades comes in at No. 10 in our countdown the top wrestling stories of the year from our vantage point here in Central Florida.

For 20 consecutive years, the Undertaker has lived up to his billing as the phenom and the Wrestlemania 28 beat down of "The Game" that kept his undefeated streak alive on the grandest stage solidifies his standing as wrestling's phenom.

And after two straight Wrestlemania's with Triple H and two in a row before that over Shawn Michaels, it is  time for new blood.

With Triple H's announcement on Raw that the Undertaker would be back for Wrestlemania 29, the WWE Universe was ecstatic. But please: No more Triple H!

The time has come for the Undertaker to go toe to toe -- Mano y Mano -- with The Rock. And if "The People's Champ" is not in the cards, then bring on Ryback. Heck, throw CM Punk in there for a triple threat match with the WWE Championship on the line. And for extra excitement, have The Shield storm the ring.

An Undertaker-John Cena match would work. 

Do something to make it worthwhile. After all, the Undertaker has nothing left to prove. By twice taking out Triple H and Michaels, two of the biggest stars, he's assured of a spot in wrestling's Mount Rushmore. 

Undertker anfd Triple H in 28 Wrestlemania / Headline SurferWikipedia-based photo by Simon Great Britain /

The Undertaker and Tripe H are shown here in the classic stare down, but trying to sell fans on the streak ending wasn't resonating.

The Undertaker's 20-year Wrestlemania streak is akin to the MLB-record 2,632 consecutive games Cal Ripken, Jr started through 17 straight Major League seasons.

Ripken earned his "Ironman" nickname on the baseball field playing shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles.

The Undertaker long ago established himself with the WWE Universe as "The Phenom" in the squared circle, in his incarnations as the "Deadman Walking" mortician and as the brawling "Great American Bad Ass" biker.

That 47-year-old Mark Calloway went to war yet again with the "Cerebral Assassin" Triple H, and exited the ring with his Wrestlemania streak intact, is truly monumental.

In this, his second straight Wrestlemania with Triple H, and their third overall, the Undertaker prevailing was never really in doubt. 

The drama of Triple H's repeated pleas for Taker to "stay down" with each blow of his sledgehammer was epic, but trying to sell the idea of imminent defeat and an end to "The Streak" didn't resonate. 

The Undertaker has shown time and again his ability to rise at the moment of truth and keep his streak alive, especially considering the array of talent thrown his way over the last 20 years.

As good luck would have it, Wrestlemania 7 started things off with a younger, leaner Undertaker with the oversized gloves and grey socks, absolutely obliterating "Super Fly" Jimmy Snuka, clearly on the downside of his illustrious career.

Win No. 2 was an even bigger joke against Giant Gonzalez, who walked out on their match, realizing the mystical powers of the Undertaker's urn.

Then came King Kong Bundy, long in the tooth (or should we say flab) since the round one got his butt kicked half a decade earlier by the immortal Hulk Hogan.

Then came a string of big men in Diesel, Psycho Sid, Kane and the Big Bossman. Then there was the first go around with Triple H, followed by a still-relevant Ric Flair, and a handicapped match with the Big Show and A-Train working together in futility.

The Undertaker would take out little brother Kane a second time, followed by wins over Mark Henry, Batista and Edge. Then came two years in a row against Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels followed by the last two with Triple H.

Had it none been for the fact that the Undertaker and Triple H have been paired three times now, Wrestlemania 28 might have proven the ultimate career topper for both superstars regardless of the streak if they hadn't gone at it twice previously.

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