New Smyrna Beach headliners: Meet Sam Hillier with Cheyenne Drews

Cheyenne Drews with Sam Hillier at the Little Theatre in New Smyrna Beach / Headline Surfer®Photo for Headline Surfer® / Cheyenne Drews with 6-year-old Sam Hillier, two of the stars in the recent play, "A Christmas Carol" under the direction of Dan Blazi at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach. The kindergartner earned the role of 'Tiny Tim.'

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Many of you who are regular visitors to Headline Surfer® and its previous name, know Cheyenne Drews, the New Smyrna Beach High School senior, who has been writing a community blog for the 24/7 internet newspaper since middle school.

Well, she's also appeared in quite a few school and community plays. With Cheyenne in the black & white photo is 6-year-old Sam Hillier, a star in his own right. Sam attends kindergarten at Coronado Beach Elementary School. Even though, he's not quite old enough to read and memorize lines in a play, he nonetheless won the hearts and trust of the participants in a recent play at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach, "A Christmas Carol," under the direction of Dan Blazi.

Here's what mom, Joanne Soares Hiller had to say about her adorable boy who played the role of Tiny Tim: "Sam's always been interested in singing. So a women in church who is the set designer told me about auditions for the plays chorus. I brought Sam and he popped up on stage (no encouraging needed) (and) he sang his heart out. When he was finished he told me he wanted to try out for the play. I spoke to the director. I told him I didn't know how Sam could try out as he is not a reader. Dan said 'Have him get up and tell me a story.' Sam jumped up and told an elaborate story of a boy and a dragon with hand and arm gestures. About 10:30 that night, Dan called He said Sam was cast. I told Dan that Sam would be thrilled to know he was in the chorus. Dan said 'Chorus? I cast him as Tiny Tim!'"