Blogger Michael Visconti: Obama's first 100 days: F for failure

Well, we're past 100 days since Barack Obama took the oath of office as the 46th president of the United States of America and made history as the first black to hold this office.
His platform was Change." The majority of the American voters where ready for a change, and change we got.

But in grading Obama, he deserves an F, in my opinion, for failure for changes that went in the wrong direction.

Here are Obama's biggest blunders:

1. His reverse funding on the abortion issue.

2. Stem cell, again reversing President Bush to fund stem-cell researchwith government money. Bush's stance was too protect the innocent life which can be done with non embryonic Stem cell.
3. The stimulus package: Billions of dollars were given to the ones who are to blame, Countrywide, Bank of America, AIG, etc. Bank of America received $6 billion and what did they do in return? They gave bonuses in millions. So did AIG. And bailing out the auto industry? What a disaster.

What should have been done was give the homeowners and those who are in financial trouble bailouts with the stipulation they must pay off your mortgage, or any debt they may have and must purchase an American-made car, and for those who need a home to start building and upstart the housing industry, and that would create jobs for all trades.

Now here's what would happen: The mortgage would be paid, with money going to the banks, credit cards debts would be paid to banks and credit-card holders would be out of debt.
By buying an american car the auto industry won't need a bail out. This would start up the economy.

Under Obama, world affairs are a disaster:

1. Obama and Michelle met with the Queen; in the past no one was to touch the queen, that now changed the Queen was touched, but no bows.

2. Obama met with the Arab Sheik. Obama did bow for him and he made speeches apologizing for the wrong the United States may have done in the past.
Not once did Obama mention all of the good the United States has done in saving the world by fighting two world wars; in World War II, the United States lost 405,9993.

3. South America visit: What a disgrace. Can you imagine? Shaking the hand of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, a dictator who has vowed to work against the United States and alienating other South American countries against the USA.

Worst of it all: We are a Christian nation with 85 percent of the United States being Christian, who in one way or another, believes in their faith. Or is he a Muslim.
Why make this speech making such a broad statement? "We are not a Christian nation, we are a nation of ideas." To make matters worst the front page of Newsweek stated, "The decline and Fall of Christian America." Sorry, I disagree.

And last, to declassify the CIA torture of detainees who wants to destroy our way of life and the freedom we take for granted, is wrong. If one American life was saved by their methods, it was and is well worth it.

I wonder how many Americans now woyuld have changed their vote if they knew how Obama would be after his first 100 days?

Mr. Obama stop destroying America and changing it from Capitalism to socialism.