Building our lives around the Bible

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The message from the pulpit was simple and to the point: "We're a people of the Book."
The messenger was The Rev. Don Bremer of the First United Methodist Church of New Smyrna Beach and his message Sunday was in reference to the book of faith -- the Holy Bible as part of Sunday's service, dedicating 120 new pew Holy Bibles.
Bremer's message went far beyond the crisp blue books with shiny pages -- hearkening back to a message as old as the Bible itself. And that is the word of God and living life based on that word. 
"We're a people of the Book," Bremer said. "We meet Christ in the Book. What the Book teaches -- matters. Doctrine's important for worship.
Bremer referred to the apostle Paul, and his lessons in 2nd Timothy -- mainly that Evilness and impostors proceed from bad to worse. In Timothy, we are encouraged to continue with the education our faith has taught us.
"Don't leave the sacred writings," Bremer cautioned, quoting from 2nd Timothy. "Stay with the unchanging truth... God's word, (the) Bible. You've joined the spirit of this world. The Me world. Me. Me. Me. It feels good. It may last a month, but it will make you a slave." 
God's word means to stay here -- focused on the Christian faith, Bremer said, adding it's important to build youth by building marriages and families.
"Don't preach anything but the word of God," Bremer stressed, repeating his central theme, "We are a people of the Book. We know God through the book. We meet Christ in the Book. We see the cross in the book. Our faith and love are kindled by the truths of the Book. We taste the divine majesty of God through his word -- the Bible."
Citing Paul's lessons in 2nd Timothy, Bremer stressed the apostle was convinced of two facts: "First he was lost and now he was saved."
Bremer added, "In the end, it would cost him everything. In the end, all he had was faith. In the end, faith was all he needed."
Note: Take a look at photos of Sunday's service at the First United Methodist Church of NSB by clicking onto the Photo page from the Home page and listen to a partial video clip of the closing prayer and song in the NSB Webcast above the story.