ENDORSEMENTS: Chase Tramont for Port Orange City Council

By Henry Frederick 
Headline Surfer
PORT ORANGE, Fla. -- Headline Surfer recommends Chase Tramont over Sarah Jones for zone 2 City Council in today's Volusia County primary elections.

The winner will replace Councilman Don Burnette after the Nov. 8 general elections. Burnette is in a three-way race for mayor of Port Orange.

Tramont and Jones are both newcomers in seeking elected office. And both participated in a Headline Surfer Public candidate Debate on July 25 at the Lakeside Community Center in Port Orange.

Tramont appeared to be the more articulate, informed and clearly more passionate  in the debate than Jones, though she did raise some valid points, if elected.

Jones said she favors local contractors over those outside of Port Orange, if the bids are close, because the city should support local businesses that pay taxes. In the wake of the city's water scandal, Jones also suggested that in the future when replacing department heads, the city should consider internal candidates as opposed to outside applicants who jump from job to job to build their resumes.

But Tramont was particularly strong in pledging not to raise taxes and explaining that as a school teacher with a family of four, he and his wife scrape by paycheck to paycheck. He added he has to count pennies at the end of the month to take their kids out for ice cream. And Tramont emphasized keeping the city safe and beautiful.

For these reasons, Headline Surfer endorses Chase Tramont for Port Orange City Council in today's primary.

Candidate Bios:

Chase Tramont endorsed / Headlune SurferName:
Chase Tramont
US history teacher at Spruce Creek HS
Prior Political Experience:
Sarah Jones / Headline SurferName:
Sarah Jones
Retired public health chemist
Prior Political Experience:

Multimedia: Headline Surfer debate

Headline Surfer video by Multimedia Editor Sera King / Chase Tramont and Sarah Jones, candidates for a seat on the Port Orange City Council in the Aug. 30 primary, answer questions in the Headline Surfer Public Candidate Debate held July 25 at the Lakeside Community Center in Port Orange. The debate was moderated by Headline Surfer Publisher Henry Frederick.