Global warming hoax propagated by NSB council

The New Smyrna Beach City Commission voted for the city to join in the global warming hoax by a narrow 3-2 vote Tuesday night. Commissioners Jim Hathaway and Jack Grasty were the ones who had the good sense to vote against it.
The commissioners adopted a resolution that is an adaptation of the Kyoto Protocol calling for actions to reduce global warming.

Of course, with so many other important things going on, they could have held the meeting during the daytime and saved on the light bill. How's that for helping to ease the pain of global warming?

Let us take a look at why this global warming initiative by the NSB commission is such a silly thing to do.

First of all, it is still in serious doubt that global warming, if it exists, is a man made effect. It is more likely that the changes in global temperatures are due to changes in the suns energy output.

Second, whatever changes are occurring are small and of no immediate threat to mankind.

Third, the small amounts of global warming which have occurred in the past have been quite beneficial to the earth’s population.

We really should be much more worried about global cooling because that has been bad for mankind.

Fourth, obeying the conditions of the Kyoto protocol promises to deliver very small changes in the earth’s temperature that will be hard to measure while delivering huge economic burdens that will be quite apparent.

Note that on any given day points on the earth are experiencing record high temperatures while other points are experiencing record cold temperatures. Each glacier is either expanding or contracting. The list goes on and on.

By “cherry picking” the data a person can make a case for either global warming or global cooling.

Within a decade or so enough will be learned to put the questions to rest as to what is happening to the climate and what is really causing it.

Making threats against people who disagree with the existence of man made global warming (or cooling) is not the way to settle such a scientific question..

Using fear to push people into spending huge amounts of resources to fight this phenomenon is not a rational way to respond to this situation.

A much better approach is to wait with our wallets in our pockets and see what if anything is actually happening and why.

On the other side of the coin it does make sense to save energy when you actually save money in the process. However, you must do an analysis to see if your energy saving moves actually save you money when all factors are considered.

You don’t want to be saving $100 a year in energy if it means you are spending $500 a year to do it.

In the meantime, I give Jack Grasty and Jim Hathaway both a big “attaboy” for having the sense to see through this silliness.