Headline Surfer Endorsement: Webster Barnaby for Deltona City Commissioner

By HENRY FREDERICK / Headline Surfer

DELTONA , Fla. -- Webster Barnaby wants to bring "integrity, jobs and prosperity" to the table as his platform for Deltona City Commissioner (Dis 2). We believe he will try and do just that.

Barnaby, a man of Christian faith, makes no bones about his intentions on his campaign website are putting his community and family at the forefront of his candidacy: "I am a real person that truly loves Deltona. I have lived here for over 21 years. Over 25 years married with a wonderful wife and two great children. My daughter is at the University of Florida and my son is serving our country at the United States Naval Academy. I have served for three years as the PTA president for Trinity Christian Academy. I am member of the Board of Directors for Trinity Assembly of God."

Barnaby adds, "I have worked here locally for 17 years helping connect local business with tools to write our elected officials in government, through the non-partisan membership research firm, National Write Your Congressman Inc."

We agree with him whole-heartedly when he says, "The real opinions of our residents must be heard and respected by our city leaders. Real opinions deserve real impact."

Barnaby, a registered Republican in this non-partisan race, has a philosophy that is as real as it gets. We certainly need more of that in municipal government.

When we spoke with his opponent, Democrat Rob Field, who identifies himself as a political consultant, we could hardly get a word in edge-wise as he boasted of his social media advertising while bypassing any discussion on actual pressing issues.

Fields' only endorsement is his name dropping of elected officials like County Council member Joshua Wagner. He left us wondering why he's even in the race with Barnaby. Headline Surfer endorses Webster Barnaby for the dist. 2 seat on the Deltona City Commission in Tuesday's election.

Candidate snapshots

Webster BarnabyWebster Barnaby
Age: 52
Career/Experience: Direct sales; Trinity Christian Academy PTA president; Reading Edge Academy board of directors
Education and/or military service: Attended Mathew Bolton Technical College
Key Endorsements: Volusia County Republican Executive Committee
Rob FieldRob Field
Age:  43
Career/Experience: Political consultant
Education and/or military service: Associate of Arts & Sciences, New River Community College, Dublin, VA;  attended Virginia Tech
Key Endorsements: County Council member Joshua Wagner