Obama and Clinton duke it out in Pennsylvania for the right to lose to McCain

In keeping with the national polls, our readers rightfully predicted victory for Hillary Tuesday night (550 votes or 73 percent for the former first lady).
And why not? This was most likely based on the negative anti American feelings that have appeared in both Obama’s wife and also in his close spiritual adviser Reverend Wright. Other that that most Americans have found Obama more lovable, personable and articulate than Hillary.

The voters of Pennsylvania went to the polls to try to decide between two very similar candidates. To summarize their positions both are in favor of high marginal tax rates and higher taxes on just about everything including inheritance.

Both are for hindering free trade, more regulation of business, more union power, more unfettered power for the trial lawyers, more power for the teachers unions and less power for parents. Almost any economist will tell you that every thing they stand for hurts the economy and therefore hurts the country.

Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans have launched operation “chaos” in which Republicans are changing party to vote for Hilary to make sure that Hilary can stay in the race. In this way each candidate has time to fully expose the other candidate for what he or she really is.

In a longer political race the voters have a chance to see that these two hold beliefs that are much closer to the teachings of Karl Marx than they are to the teachings of Free market Capitalists such as Milton Friedman.

It has been well established that Free Market Capitalism leads to prosperity and well being while Marx’s ideas lead to poverty and suffering. It is a tragedy that so many Americans still think the horrible ideas of Marx have any merit.

But with Clinton or the inevitable Democratic nominee in Obama, victory in November is almost certainly assured for Vietnam POW and American hero John McCain.