Praying for justice for the family of Gabby Petito

By DARLENE VANN / Headline Surfer
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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- The death of Gabby Petito was mishandled from the start.

When she and her boyfriend had their disagreement in Wyoming somehow with her shaking and hysterical her boyfriend Brian somehow managed to convince police that he was the victim.

Are they not trained out there to recognize domestic abuse where the woman is afraid to tell the truth fearing consequences if she does? Separating them for the night was not the answer. Why did she not leave during that supposed separation? No doubt she was being threatened by Brian and dragged into the park where he body was finally found and killed brutally not separated at all.

Then he had the nerve to drive home in her van saying she was missing. The police here were not suspecting anything off about that? Why not? Then he supposedly went for a hike leaving his car abandoned. How worried about Gabby does that project? None because he knew where she was.

If they find him in those woods in Florida where his parents say he went I will be extremely surprised.

I believe the parents are misdirecting the police to give Brian time to get away in a different direction. The situation is so very sad. In my opinion, police everywhere need better education about domestic abuse and what to do to determine who is the abuser and what actions to take when confronted in such situations.

New laws of protection need to be passed as well. This did not have to happen but everything this young man and his parents have done since he returned is highly suspect. If they are misdirecting the police it is understandable because parents never want to believe their child can be a killer and are trying to protect that child.

If it is found that they did take steps to let their son escape they need to pay a price. I pray there will be justice for Gabby eventually.

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