Sunday Video Newsmaker Q&A added to Web site

I am very pleased with the development of since the April 15 launch and the 8,000-plus hits as of this Sunday morning. I wanted Sunday to have added emphasis, which is the reasoning behind our Sunday In Depth page, featuring The Big Story and the Sunday Video Newsmaker Q&A.
Oak Hill Police Chief Guy Grasso and his officers are profiled in The Big Story and Edgewater City Councilwoman Gigi Bennington is interviewed in the newsmaker segment. The interview is 10 minutes long.

Developing this Web site has been a painstaking effort, but anything worth pursuing takes a lot of work.

You'll notice that most elements on the Web site have a pretty good shelf life. That's because is not yet complete. Still to be added are an archiving system to provide a permanent home for stories and photos. A digital rotating advertiser banner will be installed as will slots for advertisements on the 12 inside pages.

Electronic calendars have been installed for the Community and Entertainment pages and a third calendar is on the way for the Schools page.

Up-to-the-minute national and world stories are on the bottom of the Home Page. The Entertainment and Business pages feature Google wire stories that are also fresh and ESPN top stories cane be accessed in our Sports page. is one journalist's dream to provide a daily snapshot of community life. There are are those in the community who appreciate and welcome freedom of the press. As for meetings coverage, that will come into focus once the Web site components are completed.

Your continued feedback and support are welcomed. Please sign up for the Newsletter and spread the good word about this Web site. Enjoy your Sunday.