We need to change our arrogant standing in the world

Not too long ago, the United States was revered as a world leader for democracy and compassion. We were always among the first to provide aid to the downtrodden and helpless, especially throughout our own continent. We Americans were admired and respected for always reaching out wherever needed.

This is no longer the case. Americans are now looked upon as war mongers. Other countries feel that we are determined to force our opinions and actions on world affairs without their consultation or approval.

The primary responsibility for this reversal of attitude can be laid directly on the Bush administration.

Our president has displayed arrogance and disdain when dealing with vital issues with representatives of other countries. His attitude has been "Do it my way or no way." The only nation that has been somewhat supportive of his policies is Great Britain.

In order to repair the damage that has been done to our reputation and world acceptance, we must pursue a policy of cooperation and communication with our allies.

We must participate as a member of nations -- not as a "dictator." In this way, hopefully,we will get more assistance from our allies militarily, financially, and spiritually.

We must also learn to discuss existing and potentially dangerous issues with our not so friendly countries. How else can we resolve the problems. It has been too long going alone. Let us be proud, once again, to call ourselves Amercans.