We´re growing rapidly

The great thing about the Internet is the rapid speed by which news and other sources of information can be delivered to online readers. The technology in delivering it can be technical and tricky as is the case with nsbnews.net, now in its fifth day. We are a mere infant, yet we are experiencing rapid growing pains. In the last 24 hours our page count has nearly doubled and there´s plenty more on the way over the next 48 hours.

it is my goal to make this Web site a one-sop shop for greater New Smyrna residents and merchants alike. Clearly, our emphasis is Southeast Volusia, but it's important to bring the world home. It's just as important to make this site as interactive as possible.

By now, it has been established that this is a one-person operation with very limited funding, but journalism experience, hard work and passion are all key ingredients in making this a meaningful source of news for this community we call home.

The glitches in the Insta Poll were fixed and there's now a new question related to Tuesday's big primary in Pennsylvania. We'll have live coverage for you with tons of local reaction.

Among the new pages are Sunday In-Depth, Business, Entertainment, Volusia County News and Wire News. A Schools page is on the way. Databases are being built to archive the important news and photos so readers can look them up at a later date when the need arises and several electronic calendars will be posted as well.

The Sports, Business and Entertainment pages will also feature wire access, including ESPN, the Hollywood scene and breaking business news.

Rotating advertising banners and other features for merchants and the business community are being developed as well. Civic and charitable causes and other good works will be highlighted.

Once the Web site is built, stories will move faster and breaking news will take on greater priority. In the meantime, some stories will remain in lace to give new readers a chance to see what's been posted.

As of this 3:20 a.m. Saturday writing, we've received close to 3,700 hits since our Tuesday launch. We appreciate feedback -- positive and negative, to help chart a positive course for relable around the clock news for greater New Smyrna Beach.