Winning the Miss Florida Jr. National Teenager pageant is awesome

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- On June 8 in Orlando, I competed for Miss Florida Jr. National Teenager along with dozens of other girls.

I came into this pageant hoping to make top 5, and won! I'm very excited to represent FLORIDA, especially being the very first girl to win from Southeast Volusia.

Next up are the Nationals in Nashville, Tenn.

I never expected to capture this prestigious title though now that I have, I’m going to need my town and state of Florida’s support. Nationals are held from July 22-27 so please wish me luck.

If you have a business or if you're a citizen that would like to support your local girl, I am receiving sponsors. 

As you all know, this will be a very expensive trip and I would love to have you or your business backing me as I represent Florida. If you do, your name will go in the program book no matter what price you decide to donate (and remember its tax deductible). For more information, please call(386)314-6162.

The contestants are not judged by their looks but by their deeds -- who they are as a person and what they have achieved in their community.

These are my major achievements in community service:

-- Founded a pageant for special need people where everyone wins a crown, a bag of gifts, free hair & makeup, along with a free dress;
-- Founded a mentoring program for 6 graders to keep them on track talking about various topics;
-- Founded a cheer team for Police Athletic League;
-- Raised enough money to buy a car for a man in a wheel chair with hand gas and hand brakes;
-- Have raised $41,000 altogether to help others.

Awards received for community service:

-- President's Bronze, Silver, Gold for community service;
-- Governor's Point of Light Honor for Community Service;
-- Proclamation from mayor for community service;
-- President's Academic Award for outstanding F-Cat scores & grades
Volunteer partnerships include:
-- Relay for Life;
America's Darling(non-profit organization);
-- Make a Wish Foundation;
Paul Newman's Boggy Creek Ventilator Camp (3 years
Police Explorers
Ocean View Nursing Home;
-- Edgewater Humane Society;
Camp counselor at Marine Discovery Center;
-- Teen columnist for

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Posted: Tue, 06/10/2008 - 02:00