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Considering the use and abuse that comes with Facebook

Where else can you find up to the minute plans of people you never see in person, photos of the latest haircuts of all your friends, overused inspirational quotes, and above all else, the central location for complaints, but Facebook? As an initial disclaimer, I am in no way discrediting the genius behind the social media that is Facebook; I’m simply stating my opinion on its use and abuse.

FDA regulations too great a burden on small farmers

EDGEWATER -- So the FDA has now passed “sweeping new safety rules” to keep our food safe and avoid these outbreaks of bacteria born disease which have killed many of this country’s citizens. Now, isn’t that nice?

Should the producers of our food have to be told to keep their facilities and their machinery clean? Should they have to be told to insure irrigation water is clean, that workers wash their hands and animals be kept out of the growing areas? Must they be threatened with inspectors so they will do what is only the moral and right thing to do?

Thanks to those who hold up the community as we move into the holiday season

DELTONA -- Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Our family gathers in the early afternoon around a table filled with the specialty dishes of the "roasting, cooking and baking" members of the family.

Bravo to all who made Oak Hill's charter school such a success this year

OAK HILL -- Now that its almost the end of the school year, people need to reflect on how well Burns Sci-Tech. Charter School has done. We have won awards for the best school, our teachers have gotten the Crystal Apple award for excellence, and we have almost 100 kids on the waiting list for next year.

Is the Easter Bunny a rabbit or a hare?

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Like has happened for centuries are again on the minds of many adults who ponder the age old question: “Is the Easter Bunny a rabbit or a hare?” Spring has arrived and Easter is right around the corner, which also means the Easter Bunny is on the minds of many children.

Free kids' fishing clinic Saturday in Daytona Beach

EDGEWATER -- Teaching children a lifelong hobby, instilling appreciation for our marine environment and providing fun, family outings are the objectives for the Kids’ Fishing Clinic in Daytona Beach. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will offer the free program for children between the ages of 4 and 16 on Saturday, March 31.