Four Central Florida residents lost to COVID on Sunday - among US death total of 525,776

By HENRY FREDERICK / Headline Surfer

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Four Central Florida residents were lost to the coronavirus as of midnight Sunday -- three in Orange County and the fourth in Volusia County -- adding to the nation's dreadful death toll that now stands at 525,776.

Globally, including the dead of the US, 2.54 million people have been wiped off the face of the planet due to COVID-19.

on the planet are lost to COVID-19. 

Here is the latest breakdown on COVID stats:

GLOBAL cases: 114,681,055; new cases: +311,706; deaths: 2,542,760; new deaths: +6,169; active cases: 21,902,179; 

serious/critical: 90,299... 

UNITED STATES cases: 29,255,344; new cases: +49,412; deaths: 525,776; new deaths: +1,283; active cases: 9,035,262;

serious/critical: 14,786... 

FLORIDA cases: 1,909,221; new cases: +5,539; deaths: 30,853; new deaths: +113; active cases: 756,774.

ORANGE COUNTY cases: 114,322; new cases: +312; deaths: 1,094; new deaths: +3.

SEMINOLE COUNTY cases: 27,237; new cases: +68; deaths: 423; new deaths: 0.

VOLUSIA COUNTY cases: 34,546; new cases: +92; deaths: 655; new deaths: +1.

The latest COVID statistics were compiled by Headline Surfer from the Florida Heath Deparment, John Hopkins University, and the online Worldometer databases.

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